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Cindy the CRNA - Week 1

Me again...

It seems like I always start a job in an even number year.

In 1998 I started that old paper route.

March 2006 I started at ol' Lawless.

Jan 2008 I started at Big C.

And now, last week I started at (hmm, what to call this place, I guess...) Depperte.

The first week was... interesting.

Mon and Tues was hospital orientation. Two days of sitting in a conference room listening to people pontificate on HIPAA and crap like that.

The problem was (aside from getting up before 9am), my schedule after Tuesday.

Originally, CRNAs were put through the New to the Hospital RN Orientation. But they decided, starting with me, that this is a colossal waste of time (and I guess technically it is, but still, I wouldn't have minded going. More early wake up practice before going into 5am wake-ups).

So, what to do with me, the one they never even got their shit together enough to give me a tour of the place... I asked HR and they said that I would be with a CRNA on Wed, we'd be in a vascular room (heavy duty shit) and she'd show me the ropes. Cool, I said. I then commenced trying to contact the lady, so I could get a feel of what she expected of me on my first day.

Except, I couldn't reach her. Turns out, she was out with food poisoning. HR then called some people in charge and said I would be with the doctor in charge of the floor and he would show me the ropes. I should be in at 7am in the anesthesia office Wednesday morning. Cool, I said, again.

I decided it might be prudent to be in a bit earlier. I wandered around a bit looking for the place and, by the grace of God, found someone who worked there and she took me to the designated areas and my scrub card worked so I could change. When I headed to the office at 7, I found that I wasn't going to be with the floor runner, I had a room to myself. The vascular room I was supposed to have with the other CRNA. It was 7:05 and surgery was going to start at 7:30 and I had no idea where the ORs were. All of which I told the guy in charge. He seemed a little disconcerted, but just a tad. He still threw me headfirst into the fire.

Clinical Day 1 was hectic, to say the least. Did 5 cases before 3. I didn't get lunch. Not entirely sure I've been charting correctly. The CRNA lady actually was there, but they were so understaffed, they had to put me to work right away and give us separate rooms. She gave me VERY half-assed tour around midday. And by tour, I mean we stood in the hall and she pointed in various directions. It was a long day and I was exhausted and achy at the end.

Day 2 was more of the same but only 3 cases. No lunch. Machines breaking in every direction. My EKG cables crapped out by the 3rd case. I was relieved to go relieve someone else who was already being relieved (weird, huh?) but not able to eat myself... And when I went in to relieve the reliever, the infusion pump crapped out. Nice.

Day 3 was much better. Two cases and lunch. The attending said it was nuts with his other room, but he had nothing to worry about in mine. I'm going to take that as a compliment.

My mom wants to know if I like it at Depperte. I said on Clinical Day 1 to ask me on Day 2. Now I'm reserving judgement until payday.

And, of course, my mom picks the first day of a new job to do the floors in our house. We were banished and living in a hotel last week. Figures when I pick a job with a 5 minute commute we get a hotel 30min away. Just got back this am. It's so good to be home...
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