kangofu (kangofu) wrote,

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New LJ Formatting...

Dear LJ:

No Love,


Tags: Excusez-moi - Qui a pété?, all aboard the failboat, are we there yet?, are you fucking kidding me?, arrrgh, cruelty, do you really expect me to buy that?, epic fail, f***, fail, fail a little harder why don'cha?, get this bitch some xanax, holy shit, i can haz gifs?, i can't, i need a drink, it's official..., jesus saves - you take full damage, lawd hammercy, lol, lol wat, macros bitches!, mayhem, no, oh hell no, oh lawd, pictures ahoy!, reason? wazzat??, same bat time. same bat channel, screw the rules - i have money, start your engines, these bitches be cray-cray, wake up in the am feeling like pdiddy, what's your damage?, why are you still reading this?
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