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Yume o Idaku

27 November
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Hi! I'm Cindy. Among other things, I am a nurse. This place is mostly for me to bitch about my job, with an occasional goody or two posted.

Feel free to friend! ^_^

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aladdin, alice 19th, amelia peabody, anastasia, anesthesia, anime, archeology, backstreet boys, beauty and the beast, beauty pop, bill maher, bleach, boondocks, calvin & hobbes, card captor sakura, cats, ceres, clamp, clive cussler, colbert report, comedians, corpse bride, crimson hero, csi, daily show, dancing with the stars, darkwing duck, dirk pitt, disney, ducktales, egypt, egyptology, elizabeth peters, england, europe, evanescence, film brain, fluttershy, foamy, foxtrot, france, fushigi yuugi, gargoyles, george carlin, germany, ghostbusters, godchild, greece, hana kimi, hana yori dango, harry potter, hercules, horses, hot gimmick, house md, hunchback of notre dame, icons, imadoki, inuyasha, italy, james rollins, janime, japan, jasmine, jimmy eat world, jk rowling, jon stewart, jurassic park, kelly clarkson, kimeru, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, lady gaga, legal drug, lewis black, linkin' park, macros, mad, manga, mary grandpre, michael crichton, mlp friendship is magic, mortal kombat, mulan, multilingual, my little pony, nana, naruto, nihongo, nostalgia chick, nostalgia critic, nurse anesthetists, nurses, nursing, olympics, once upon a time, pan am, peach girl, penny and aggie, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, pocahontas, postsecret, pretty face, princess jasmine, puzzles, rainbow brite, ranma 1/2, reading, reasoning with vampires, resident evil, rn, sailor moon, science!, shen yun, shrek, sigma force, sinfest, skip beat!, spain, sprites, star trek, steven colbert, sudoku, super mario brothers, survivor, swan princess, talespin, tarzan, teefury, terra nova, thatguywiththeglasses, to-love-ru, travel, tsubasa, tumblr, turkish, vjump, wonderella, x/1999, xmen, xxxholic, yami no matsui, yuugiou, yuugiou 5d's, yuugiou gx, yuugiou r, zits


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